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Till the End of the World

Directed by Keishi Suenaga

Film Festival
With Ukrainian

Ukraine is going through the most important times in its history, it is fighting for independence and freedom, for its dream of being a full member of the European Union. Today Ukraine is becoming the center of the world because of the war that is taking place on its territory. That's why we want to inform you about the creation of the first festival in Ukraine dedicated to this heroic struggle. Ukrainian Dream Film Festival is an association of Ukrainian filmmakers and cinema lovers, whose goal is to discover new talents and light the fires on the alleys of glory. Become a part of a large family of Ukrainian and world filmmakers and win great trophies!


Directed by Marko Santic

I am amazed an honored to have our film THE LAST SUPPER selected for this event. While Russian bombs fell on the city of Odesa, the festival makers made screenings to give hope to the inhabitants. That's the spirit!

Dave Lojek

Mountains and heaven in between

Directed by Dmytro Hreshko

it's really great to see this festival happening amidst all that is going on. Thanks for the selection of our film, Invasion! Thanks for including us!

Dave Siriano

Built lands

Directed by Arturo Duenas Herrero

Very proud to have participated in the Ukrainian Dream Film Festival and, in some way, to contribute to cope with this dramatic and irrational situation. Freedom for Ukraine!

Arturo Dueñas Herrero


Directed by Alex Popov
United States

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